This is a fresh adventure for me. I’ve been asked in the past to show some behind the scenes of my photography, as well as some of my own creative and personal pursuits. This blog is where I’ll take to share something beyond my website and my social channels.

Recently I’ve been intrigued by angles and different perspectives and was inspired by Willy Vanderperre’s work who shot the Moonlight cast for a recent Calvin Klein lookbook. I reached out to Lynn Kimdo and we collaborated on a shoot one early morning in SOHO.

I used my Canon 5d Mark 3 with my Canon L series 35mm and 85mm lenses, shooting up at Lynn from the ground for nearly the entire duration of our shoot. Depending on the height of my subject, perspective can dramatically change the mood of a shot. I wanted to play with this idea and while I only touched on it with Lynn, I intend to experiment further.

The act of experimentation in photography is important to me, as I think it should be in any creative’s workflow. We are constantly learning, continuously growing. I’m hoping to fill this space with many more shoots of a similar vein and mind set, so please check back regularly!