If you’ve been a long time follower of me you’ve probably heard about my back pain over the years — to the point where it was debilitating. As a full time photographer my job isn’t easy on my body. We’re constantly manipulating our bodies to get a better angle or perspective, racing around to capture movement and then at the end of a long day, sitting down at our desks and spending long hours in front of the computer. After a while, my body stopped putting up with me (probably around age 30, let’s be honest) and started making it’s complaints known.

I remember mornings waking up and turning the wrong way and having back spasms that made even standing up almost impossible. So I stopped working out and saw a chiropractor for a while but it was only until I started working with my personal trainer that I saw improvement. But things moved slowly – making adjustments to my daily life had the biggest impact and still do. Such as, replacing my shoulder camera bags with backpack (to properly balance the weight on my back), stop kneeling but rather squat or sit when shooting up at a client (kneeling puts a lot of pressure on one joint if you’re like me and only kneel on one knee lol), and move into wearing sneakers full time. I was a ride or die boot girl before but I will be the first to say that your shoe choice makes a massive difference in how you walk. Too heavy a shoe can adjust your stride, throw your hips out of whack and cause back pain.

But the biggest aha moment for me came when I knew I was going to be moving to New Jersey and wanted to upgrade my bed from a full to a queen. I’m not sure why it took me this long to realize that a good mattress can either make or break your back but the fact is, we spend almost half our lives in bed so the quality of your mattress is one of the most important investments you can make. The problem with that is that mattress companies generally don’t cater to the plus industry, that is until I found Big Fig Mattress. I spent ages researching bed frames, weight capacities, etc. because a large part of the reason I wanted to upgrade is my previous bed frame had broken and the mattress itself had already started to dip under my weight. Now, I sleep alone (unless you count my cat) but you’d be surprised to find out how few bed frames cater to a weight capacity over 600-800 pounds. And that’s including mattress weight.

Big Fig’s whole concept is what sold me – the fact that I knew I’d have a mattress designed for my body, for long term (they have a 20 year guarantee) that would support me and hold up and a potential partner. Finding a bed frame proved to be semi difficult because I became virgo and dived in hunting for something that had a high weight capacity (I found a bed made of wooden pallets, which has a capacity of 10,000 pounds!) and once I had it all set up and done, I kind of forgot I had it.

That is until I had a friend come stay and she was absolutely blown away by how comfortable the mattress was and how amazing she felt the next morning. Also a photographer, she’d dealt with similar back issues and having a full, uninterrupted nights sleep is key with a demanding job. We’re both plus as well and sleeping side by side I could barely feel her move – the bed is firm but in my opinion, not too firm. It reminds me of the mattresses I’ve slept on in a few luxury hotels, firm to the touch but just soft enough to make you feel like you could sleep a thousand years.

Flash forward to a month ago I had another friend with me stay two weeks and after she had similar thoughts about the mattress, I realized that it wasn’t just my new apartment that had me feeling like a new woman. It was my new bed. I haven’t dealt with any back pain since getting my big fig mattress and as someone who’s dealt with it on and off for over 5 years, that’s saying a lot. I used to have to cancel jobs or pop pills constantly and now I roll out of bed feeling like amazing. My only problem is actually getting OUT of bed.

I’ve had this mattress for about four months now but I wanted to fully experience it before writing this review. Make sure my body loved it before putting my name behind it. But as someone who’s prone to back issues and is a larger human being, I couldn’t recommend Big Fig more. My only qualm is I wished I had gotten the 12 inch foundation vs the 6 inch because I need to custom make a bed skirt ! The foundation is definitely a must by the way – it supports 5x the weight of the typical bed foundation!

Thanks to Big Fig for gifting me this mattress!